Club Culture

Approach and Values Statement

Murrayfield Dafs Cricket Club aspires to be a community cricket club for the Roseburn and Murrayfield area and for anyone from further afield who wishes to join.  We want to compete, to encourage participation at all levels and aspire to play at the best level that we can and in doing that helping to sustain and grow the game of cricket in its many different forms in Scotland and contribute to the wider community.

Whilst Murrayfield Dafs has many teams, both on and off the field of play, we are one club with a shared set of values that defines all that we do and try to do as a club and for the community. This means that we all share and respect the same principles, values and objectives.

Murrayfield Dafs is a club run by volunteers for volunteers. The club’s success has been built on a willingness by all volunteers – players, parents and others to ‘step forward’ and help the club in any way they can. This mind-set will remain key to our future health and success.

Our key values of inclusivity, respect and participation underpin all that we do and give us an ethical framework that guides our interactions within cricket and the community.


Murrayfield Dafs is a club for everyone. We are at the heart of our community and welcome new members, volunteers and visitors regardless of age, culture, disability, gender, language, race, socio-economic status, religious belief or sexual orientation. We not only respect differences, but view diversity as a key element for our long-term success We are a family club; a club that welcomes families and a club that is one big family. We will always strive to create a fully welcoming environment that makes Murrayfield Dafs a great place to be – for members, visitors, opposing players, officials, spectators and members of the wider community.


We respect our fellow club members, volunteers, our team-mates, the park at Roseburn and all facilities that we use.  We also respect our opposition, their facilities and all officials. While winning is important it is not everything; we recognise that playing the game is about enjoyment, fun and meeting others, making new friendships and learning about others and their cultures. All we do must be based on openness, respect, trust and fairness. We believe in fair play on the field and we value the work of our volunteers off the field. We recognise that the club only survives and thrives because of the efforts of our volunteers.


Murrayfield Dafs aims to provide the opportunity to play cricket to anyone who wants to without barriers. As part of that participation we endeavour to provide an environment to make development possible for members of all ages – for players to be the best that they can be. This approach is crucial to the long-term health of the club and we believe underpins our aspiration to be a community cricket club. We all share the responsibility for helping to develop others. While striving to win, we will always look to balance this with our responsibility to develop our team-mates and other club members.