All Stars

All Stars Junior Cricket

Age Group – 5-8 Years
Objectives/Skills – Very basic skills and develop them. The key element is having fun.

Membership Options:

1) Join the club as a junior member:

  • Covers the cost of all activities throughout the year. There are no additional one-off charges.
  • In addition, the junior member will receive a club shirt/new club shirt if they have been a member and have grown out of what they have, a water bottle and a small bag to keep the water bottle in
  • Cost £50 paid directly to club

2) Register with the ECB under the All Stars scheme:

  • Covers the cost of an 8-week programme
  • The child gets an All Stars backpack, bat, ball, cap, personalised T-shirt and juice bottle and an eight week All Stars programme with the club.
  • If the child has already participated in the All Stars scheme, they get a kit bag, stumps, new personalised T-shirt and a new ball.
  • £40 (Paid to the ECB  Murrayfield DAFS All Stars Sign Up) *

* The club receives £10 from this amount

3) Register with the ECB under the All Stars scheme and join as a club member:

    • Covers the cost of an 8-week programme. In addition, your child has the ability to continue to play with us after the end of the programme
    • Your child will also receive the merchandise that the All Stars scheme provides (detailed above under point 2)
    • £60 (£40 paid directly to ECB and £20 to the club)
If you have any questions about the All Stars programme
please email us at