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Marchmont 3 v Murrayfield DAFS 4 

Saturday 4th June 2022
Cavalry Park (Artificial)

By Steve Mulholland

Murrayfield DAFS 4 (8) – 166 ao off 36.3 overs
D Woodhead 62, S Mulholland 32, C Yelland 14,
A Walker 12, A Hall 4-22, S Ahmad 3-28

Marchmont 3 (20) – 329 for 6 off 40 overs
Choudhury 154, Wheelhouse 82, A Walker 3-75, C Yelland 1-44

Marchmont 3 win by 163 runs

Calvary Park Saturday 4th June 2022. On a beautiful Edinburgh Summers afternoon at 1pm we were still wondering if our full complement of 11 would make it having already lost the toss and having to bowl first. Then finally the Calvary did arrive in the form of Sailesh and Arnab…. game on!

Fielding 4 Juniors in Sailesh, Adam, Freddie and Ollie we opted to give them the 40 over experience of bowling 5 over spells followed by 3 over spells after a break with Craig and Harshit filling in the gap.

On a short boundary it was always going to be tough, but the bowlers were up for it. Early on with their line and length good Adam got the breakthrough taking his first of 3 wickets in the day. The batsman edging the ball almost beyond our keeper for the first 20 overs, Yelland the not most juniorist one anymore, thanks to his big brothers’ efforts in providing another two younger ones in the form of a niece and nephew since Craig last pulled on the mighty MUFS whites for a competitive game!

After a bit of juggling that would not have looked out of place in a circus Craig held on and Adam had his first wicket. 21 – 1 great start!

The second opener was to fall just 4 runs later. This time there was no mistaking the quality of the ball or the keeping. Another edge this time way to the left and the same result, only this time a superb diving catch to the right for our maverick keeper…. he really should try keeping at Hockey or something like that with those skills! 41-2 let’s go, both openers gone!

No 3 Batsman again could not live with our young Spinners guile. This time it was a plumb lbw. What a way to start your senior Cricket Adam Walker. 3 wickets in three overs for 15 runs….take a bow! 46-3 of 6 overs. Could this be our day?

Unfortunately, the fairy tale did not quite end the way we would have liked. With their top three out we were now facing Choudhary and Wheelhouse at the crease…. Who went on to score 154 and 82 respectively, but not without some fortune on the way.

Adam and Sailesh bowled out the first 10 overs with Harshit and another of our young debutants Ollie Ellis coming in for the next 10. In a fantastic spell, Ollie could have had his first wicket with yours truly chasing a looping spinning ball which just fell out of my grasp. One I may have got to a couple of stones / years ago!

This was impressive stuff from Ollie finishing with just 0-22 of 5. Frugal indeed as we were about to find out in the course of the afternoon just how good this batting pair were.

After drinks it was time for me to swap with our resident Hockey Keeper behind the stumps to allow for a change of tact and introduce some pace into the bowling attack partnering young Freddie, another debutant, for the next 10 overs. Despite a couple lbw appeals from both we were beginning to get the feeling that these two batsmen were not going anywhere fast, a good example of patience and power when needed, for us to follow and the kids to learn from in the longer 40 over format.

After all of our best efforts it took us until the 33rd over to break the partnership with a fine ball from Craig clean bowling Chourdhary.

Despite some fine work in the field from the youngsters, Harshit and Sagar….who lost one of his false nails stopping a ball many would have shied away (seriously, burst finger which was to keep him from batting at 3) and a 40yard direct hit from the skipper which was almost in the same time zone as the bat being grounded….it was going to be a big ask to chase down 329.

Dave and Arnab opened the chase. Dave rolling back the years with another fine performance with the bat. Arnab supporting him for 8 overs deserved more than the 1 run he got before he was dismissed after some really good stuff from their opening pair.

Next in at No 3, as Sagar was awaiting Gail’s Nails to come with a replacement, was the Skipper for the day. Settling in quickly Dave and I opted to try and keep things ticking along until drinks with lasting the full 40 overs now being the aim. Apart from a close call with a run out and an over exuberant young pace bowler who caught my chest and head it was beginning to feel like we might be here for a while. Final ball before drinks however and a fine catch from opposing skipper Boyd saw me off for 32.

Next up was Sailesh who went for 1 after 3 overs accompanying Dave. Then Adam who played some lovely stuff scoring 12 runs.

Dave went after a fantastic 62 against a bowling attack that gave little away. Tremendous effort once again.

Unfortunately 3 ducks followed before Craig came to the crease firing a rapid 14 leaving Harshit and Sagar who went above and beyond to bat out injured at 11 , to see out 6 overs before Harshit was bowled.

This was a day which was not about the scoreboard. The support from everyone who turned up is what teamwork and MUFS is all about, I would like to thank everyone involved.

This is a group, along with the guys who could not make it, who are a pleasure to be with on a Saturday and want to see the Juniors get experience, progress, and enjoy the game of Cricket. Marchmont asked at the start if the boys were ok batting at this level and we agreed to play the game as they normally would, and I thank them for their fair play throughout. All credit to our boys for playing the shots they did the balls they bowled under a different kind of pressure as the bowling and batting standard was probably higher than they had faced before including in this league to date. 40 overs is a different game and to be fair at 20 in the first innings we were more than in it. The experience in the middle and on the field is invaluable. They were an absolute credit to themselves and the club.

4s starting XI v Marchmont 3s

Steve Mulholland*
Arnab Bhattacharjee
Gajanan Tekale
Oliver Ellis
Sagar Pabbarthi
Harshit Koney
Sailesh Nagendran
Adam Walker (Player Of The Day)
Craig Yelland+
Dave Woodhead
Freddie Andrews

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