The latest guidance from Cricket Scotland now allows us to play intra-club matches. There are lots of rules to follow and participation is limited to members but we can get back in the middle. ESCA are working hard on arranging friendlies for us with other Edinburgh clubs for August and September when inter-club match should be permitted.

Training will continue in groups of up to five households (including the coach), following the rules described here.

Intra-club Match

Match Format

We are hiring the artificial wicket from Edinburgh leisure and are making preparations that allow us to follow the latest regulations. We are limited to 28 participants and spectators are not permitted but this allows us to play 11-a-side.

  • Friendly Twenty20 format
  • 2 overs per bowler
  • Batsmen retire at 30

When is this happening?

Saturday 1st August 14:00-17:00

If the initial trial goes well, we may look at running a midweek intra-club T20 matches to maximise the cricket that can be played.

How do I get involved?

Keep an eye out for the Doodle poll on the private Whatsapp and Facebook groups. This weeks has already been completed. You’ll be contacted if you are selected for the game.

How much does it cost?

As these matches are for members only, the first match is included in your membership fee.

It costs the club approximately £100 to host a weekend match (without tea) with the main cost being the Edinburgh Leisure pitch hire.

For future matches, we will try to cover costs and break even on each match. Any match fees should be paid directly into the club account to avoid handling cash.


Membership allows the club to keep running and we have incurred costs this season even without bowling a ball! If you have not yet paid your membership, we are asking for a 50% membership fee. This also qualifies you for free training. We’ve been in touch with anyone who has already paid their membership in full for the season to offer a half refund. Many thanks to those who have kindly donated their membership refund to the club.

I can't afford it

As always, money should not be a barrier to you enjoying cricket. We are not making money on these matches. The club has a hardship fund for those who are struggling but would like to become a member. Contact a player rep or committee member if you would like to discuss this in confidence.

The Rules

Covid Monitors

The club is required to appoint Covid Monitors to ensure the rules are being followed. Phil Yelland has been doing this job for training with the coaches providing completed checklists and raising any concerns after each session.

For the intra-club matches, Covid Monitors will be appointed and we’ll let you know who they are in advance. This will be the captains for the first match.

Kit and Equipment

You should use your own kit where possible. If you need to borrow kit, please let us know in advance. You will be allocated kit for the day for exclusive use and this will be disinfected after use.

Toilets and Clubhouse

No facilities will be available. Only the Covid Monitors (coaches and captains on the day) will be permitted to access the armoury. Changing facilities will not be available so you should come prepared.

Social Distancing

Even during play, the 2 metre guidance is still in force. This includes fielding positions, celebrations and even running between the wickets. Lines will be clearly marked where the non-striker should run. The striking batsman should run on the wicket opposite the bowler and the bowler should follow through as normal.

The Ball

You are not permitted to shine the ball using sweat or saliva. The ball should be passed directly back to the bowler minimising contact and needs to be disinfected every 6 overs. The fielding captain will be responsible for ensuring this.

If you accidentally shine the ball, let your captain know and the ball can be disinfected.


If it rains, you get wet. Indoor facilities will not be available.


The club will provide an environment in which the rules can be followed, complete a checklist and document those present.

You are responsible for ensuring that you follow government and Cricket Scotland guidance. If you or anyone in your household has symptoms you should not attend club events and report infections using the NHS Test and Protect system.

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