This weekend should have seen the start of the senior Leagues in the east of Scotland and this coming week would have seen the start of junior Leagues too. Sadly none of that is happening which I know some find frustrating but in the current climate it is the least of the challenges facing people.

I am sure everyone involved with the club may know someone or a family who has been affected by the virus and the reality is that whilst there is a lot of talk about lockdown being eased, the reality is that cricket is still some way away.

Keep an eye on the club’s Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, and the website and the WhatsApp group for news.

We are trying to keep some activities going – Neil is running a virtual quiz next Saturday evening, keep in touch with the vaguely cricket-related banter on WhatApp and there are historical features daily on Facebook.

What’s The Current Position ?

Cricket Scotland have a ban on all cricket activity (including practice) in place until 1st June. That is likely to be extended shortly.

In England the ban is until 1st July with the two key junior programmes, All Stars and the new Dynamos programmes suspended indefinitely.

Is There Going To Be Cricket This Summer ?

That is still a possibility but there are clear challenges. The most obvious are around playing with one ball and passing it between people and the whole issue of social distancing and the current rules which affect not just the game but things like tea and use of changing rooms.

The ban on non-essential travel may will have an effect on planned fixtures if we get games.

Another issue is that we don’t know if or when Roseburn Park will be available to play or practice in. We know nothing has been done to the square although the grass in the park is being cut.

What Happens Next ?

We await the next Cricket Scotland update and any update from Edinburgh Leisure. ESCA who run the Leagues in the east have a Committee meeting shortly to look at the options around a season starting in July or in August if that is possible. They are doing that in part because there needs to be some scenario planning which might include clarifying who wants to play and ground availability.

Take care and stay safe.

Phil Yelland (Club President)

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