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Murrayfield DAFS v Freuchie

Saturday 4th May 2019
Roseburn (Grass)

By Sam Fergusson

Freuchie (20) : 143 all out in 41 overs.
T Nenhunzi 42, A Venkatesh 3 for 23, B Peter 2 for 20

Murrayfield DAFS (5) : 98 all out in 39.1 overs.
Dav Cowan 4 for 19, Dal Cowan 4 for 30

Freuchie beat Murrayfield DAFS by 45 runs

Our 2nd game of the season saw us take on common Fife-based rivals, Freuchie. With a wicket that looked like a typical early season Roseburn, Hawkins won the toss and rightly elected to bowl first.

G Poole claiming his rightful spot as the opening bowler, opened up at the River End to R & S Birrell, the Freuchie openers with B Peters taking ball at the Stadium End. Fairly straight forward tight lines, a couple of good runs and maybe some extras later, saw Freuchie get to 20 runs inside the first 5 overs – going at 4’s on RBG at this time of the season – making the MUFs feel that maybe bowling first could have been a mistake, but this was quickly put to bed in 6th over by Peters, who skittled S Birrell for 0 & then removed R BIrrell 2 deliveries later. 2 for 20 seemed a much more acceptable start to MDAFs and as such the chirps started in the field – mentions of “milk” and “fridge” as well as chants of “where is the weapon, who is the weapon” started coming about.

The Birrell’s were replaced by S Munro & the new Freuchie “Hired Gun” T Nenhunzi who started slowly but surely accumulating at 2s and 3s for the next few overs. In the 11th over, the first of Coach, N Yelland, Nenhunzi decided he’d had enough of running and attacked with a few sweet shots for 4 and a 2 taking 10 of Yelland’s first and escalated the score to 56/2 inside the first 15 overs. Munro was the next to fall to a run out – sold down the river by his batting partner in a ridiculous choice of running – much to the excitement of the MDAFs team. Nenhunzi still scoring at the other end though, taking the scores up to 78 before he fell caught Peters, bowled Venkatesh for a respectable 42 from 33 balls – one to watch in the league one would think. With the scores on 78/4 after 20, a run rate under 4 and what we thought was going to be the tail left, we felt pretty good about taking a few more scalps for little runs.

R Wright and I Stonebridge were now at the crease and didn’t trouble the scorers too much, scoring 6 & 9 respectively, both being bowled by the big, bad BAT! Once removed, this bought D Cowan (Jnr), or “The Terminator” as Dow put it and J Wallace to the crease. For those that haven’t played Freuchie much, these two have caused MDAFs much strife in the past and didn’t disappoint in this case – putting on a 37 run partnership over the next 8 overs before Yelland had Cowan (Jnr) out caught by Peters. The remaining 4 batsmen scored 20 runs between them, with the bowlers going for an eye-watering 22 extras taking the score to 143 all out off 41 overs.

Batman with 3 wickets, Peters, Yelland and Poole with 2 a piece but with 22 extras, the score was a lot more than it should have been.

After a lovely tea from Nadeem, bolstered by the fact that we saw no demons in the wicket and a total of only 143, L Mulholland & F Ross strode out to the middle to begin the chase. Unfortunately, Mulholland’s chase only lasted 5 balls, LBG to D Cowan (Jnr) for 1 in the 2nd over, Ross’s chase only lasted 16 balls, caught R Wright, bowled D Cowan (Jnr) for 4 runs and just like that, we had 2 new batsmen in Venkatesh and Rhode at the crease. At 5/2 after 4 overs, things weren’t looking great and to be fair to the Freuchie bowlers, they bowled tight lines and kept us in our shells for the first part of the innings. Venkatesh was the next to go in the 10th over for 5 runs caught R Birrell, bowled D Cowan (Snr) – yeah, there are 2 of them… with the scores at 15/3 after 6 overs, we needed the middle order to step up and Rhode and newbie to the crease G Poole put up a bit of fight to take us to 43 before Rhode departed, bowled D Cowan (Snr) for 14. Yours truly went out to the crease slightly earlier than I was hoping for, but with Birrell and Cowan bowling very tight lines, Poole and myself got our heads down and attempted to rebuild from 43/4. With a 10 over stand, both Poole and myself faced an equal amount of deliveries, but just could get the ball away, as the Freuchie bowlers concentrated on Line and Length, lack of pace and genuinely trying to force the mistake – which came when Poole attempted shift one a bit too much and was bowled by D Cowan Snr for a watchful 9 runs off 62 deliveries and an hour at the crease.

You may laugh, but that’s better than the openers did…

Unfortunately, from there, it was a case of wickets falling at fairly regular intervals, myself falling to Cowan Snr the following over, chopping a rank half-tracker back onto my stumps for 21 of 42 balls, the tail end putting up not much resistance to see us scuppered at 98 a.o in the 40th.

Top scorer – myself on 21, closely followed by extras at 16 and Rhode at 14… not ideal.

Looking back on it, it was a day we can take away a lot in terms of developing – not one unit did well on a day where 22 extras were bowled & the top 5 batsmen scored 33 between them. We were well and truly beaten, not something we plan on repeating when travelling to Freuchie for the return leg!


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