Do you have a spare Saturday you could give up?

The 1st Team are back in the Championship this season which sees an increase in the quality of the teams, umpires for every game, danger zones and the 30 yard circle to name but a few. Another unfortunate rule is that we need a scorer for each game that isn’t part of the playing XI. We are allowed 2 matches without one and then after this we are deducted 2 points for each occasion we don’t have one.

I have had a few people who have volunteered but ideally we could do with some more people to help so we can get some sort of rota going. As an incentive we are offering £15 for the match + cricket tea and great banter from the 1s.

So if you are keen or know anyone who is keen to help please get in touch by either commenting below, phoning me on 07841838959 or getting in touch via email or social media.

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  1. Love the picture on this

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