RHC 2s v Murrayfield DAFSĀ 

Saturday 27th May 2017

RHC 2 (6) : 205 all out in 45 overs.
O Dimdore-Miles 76, R Clarkson 72, A Durrani 5 for 42, N Yelland 2 for 32

MDAFS (20) : 209 for 2 in 28.5 overs.
S Fergusson 87, M Akerkar 75*

MDAFS beat RHC 2 by 8 wkts

With our first away game in 3 weeks, the aim for Luke’s band of hungover misfits was to keep the
winning momentum up with another scalp in the form of our shared top of table rivals, RHC 2s.
With all the positivity of a cricketer in Scotland, Luke promptly lost the toss and we were sent in to bowl…
on what could only be described as a road.

Gav and Neil were thrown the cherry and with some tight lines, good lengths and generally aggressive approaches to the crease Neil “I’m the coach so listen to me” Yelland had both openers out cheaply, bowled. Gavin “Yeah buddy” Poole unlucky to pick up a wicket, bowled very well and put the pressure on from the other end…. 34/2 off 10, good start!

Enter Miles & Clarkson… One might glance over the next few overs of dropped catches, rain, good batting and general poor chat as the two batsmen piled on the runs… 90 odd in 15 overs. It was a tough spell to endure up until the drinks break, but Nadeem and Kannan gradually pegged both batsmen back towards the 29th over where the introduction of Ali Agha “possibly a double agent” Durrani to the crease took the wicket of Clarkson for 76. 143/3 off 30.

Kannan took the next wicket 3 overs later, BBW. Balls before wicket… unfortunate for the batsman as he turned to slog a ball to the short boundary in a semi crouched position as the ball missed the bat and “Kannand” into the old meat & 2 vege… right in line with middle stump (pun intended).

From here wickets fell at fairly regular intervals, with some better fielding and some great bowling from Ali D (yes, you heard that right), Nadeem “Mr Consistent” Anjum and Kannan completing a spell that really broke the back of their innings. RHC failed to bat their overs getting to 205/10 off 46.

K Mahendran: 10/0/36/1, N Anjum: 10/1/40/2, A Durrani: 10/0/42/5

After tea, Luke (feeling the affects of his first spell behind the stumps this season) sent myself and Mangesh in to open up the chase.It got off to a great start with J Gibson bowling a 11 ball over for 13 runs… I will be brief here, Maggi held up an end…I took a slightly different approach and decided that attack was the best option and with the aid of a very good wicket, set about the bowling attack with reckless abandon. I gave them plenty of opportunities to send me back to the sheds, but no one wanted to take me up on the offer (4 chances I think?) and we rocketed to 110 inside of 15 overs… me bringing up my 50 off 36 balls.With Maggi constantly playing proper cricket shots at the other end and ticking the strike over, the ridiculously over zealous and somewhat poor chat of the opposition was subdued as we headed inside for a rain delay… and to catch up on various football cup final scores.

We were off for about an hour and got back to the wicket needing a touch under 100 runs in 35 overs, with 10 in the bag… a few more lusty blows from me and then an attempted hook shot snicked behind ended my innings and bought Finlay “I’m not a bloody Junior!” Ross to the crease to support Maggi “I’m now the aggressor” Akerkar. A solid and supportive 27 runs from Finn whilst Maggi sent the now depressed and unenthusiastic bowling attack to all parts of the ground was all that was needed from him, Finn eventually hit out to bring Sutha to the crease to watch Maggi finish the game with a 6. We chased down the total in the 29th over, with 8 wickets spare… showing that if we batted first, 300+ is easily doable on the RHC wicket!

S Fergusson: 87, M Akerkar: 75*, F Ross: 27

Great day, a great win and some lessons to be learned in fielding and catching practise a definite for this weeks training menu.Thanks to Sutha for coming all the way from Aberdeen! UTM!

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